How high can you ride? SHORT, MEDIUM & FULL EVEREST Route Options!

Some riders will be happy to reach an elevation of +4269m on the Short Route whilst other riders will strive to Summit the elevation of Everest 8848m+

Riders can decide which route to follow on the morning of each Day of the Ride)

Full Everest Route

The Full Everest Route is the ultimate challenge in the Hard As Nails series

Day 1: 255.1km +4860m / Day 2: 243.5km +4128m

Medium Route

The Medium Route will certainly test the endurance of our riders and will see them reach an elevation of 7,307m which just exceeds Camp 3 of the actual Everest Mountain climb.

Day 1: 216.3km +4212m / Day 2: 174km +3095m

Short Route

The Short Route is by no means an easy feat and will give our riders a taste of what the Full Everesting challenge entails.

Day 1: 105.3km +2310m / Day 2: 123.9km +1959m

Are you up for a challenge?