How high can you ride? SHORT, MEDIUM & FULL EVEREST ``Beast`` Route Options!

Some riders will be happy to reach an elevation of +4269m on the Short Route whilst other riders will strive to Summit the elevation of Everest 8849m+

Riders can decide which route to follow on the morning of each Day of the Ride)

Full Everest ``Beast`` Route

The Full Everest “Beast” Route is the ultimate challenge in the Hard As Nails series

Day 1: 255.1km +4860m / Day 2: 243.5km +4128m

Medium Route

The Medium Route will certainly test the endurance of our riders and will see them reach an elevation of 7,307m which just exceeds Camp 3 of the actual Everest Mountain climb.

Day 1: 216.3km +4212m / Day 2: 174km +3095m

Short Route

The Short Route is by no means an easy feat and will give our riders a taste of what the Full Everesting challenge entails.

Day 1: 105.3km +2310m / Day 2: 123.9km +1959m

Are you up for a challenge?