A Few Rules...

Here are some of the rules for the Event…..

  1. Riders must act in the spirit of the Event.
  2. This is not a race and riders shall be self-supported.
  3. This Event will take place on “open” public roads and riders must obey the Highway code.
  4. No drafting.
  5. All forward travel must be human powered.
  6. As a minimum all riders are required to follow the Minimum Kit requirements specified.
  7. Riders should record their ride distance and elevation using an accurate navigation device.
  8. Riders will release the Events Organiser from any and all responsibility of liability for injuries or damages or to any other person. You agree not to make a claim against or sue the Events Organiser for injuries or damages relating to this event. All riders shall be responsible for their own insurances.
  9. Riders shall allow the Event Organisers to film and photograph themselves and use those images for promotion or documentation.
  10. All riders must sign the “Riders Agreement” in order to participate in the Event. This shall be issued to all Riders prior to the Event.