Peak 1- LLangynidr Mountain

Distance: 5.86km ; Elevation Gain: 399m
Average Gradient 7%

Setting off from The Old Station Hub, riders will tackle their first climb of the day – LLangyndir Mountain. Known as the hill of two halves, the LLangyndir Mountain climb begins by meandering through some of the most beautiful pastoral scenes in the Brecon Beacons National Park.

14 Elan Valley

Distance: 7.38km; Elevation Gain 176m
Average Gradient: 2%

Once our riders reach the far north of Day 2 after tackling the “Afon Ystwyth segment”, our riders will encounter the famous Elan Valley. With its breathtaking landscapes and abundance of wildlife, the Elan Valley is a hidden gem located…

Peak 9 – Devils Elbow

Distance: 1.87km ; Elevation Gain: 184 m
 Average Gradient 10%

No part of it is easy, but it’s the first of two hairpins that make it notorious. The gradient on the inside of the bend is estimated to be somewhere in excess of 30%, and while you’d be daft to try riding over that bit, the outside isn’t exactly a piece of cake either.